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Fast transport policy

The following terms and conditions shows FAST TRANSPORT POLICY which include all contracts between the customer and fast transport company, any terms, and conditions in contrast with these rules are invalid.

Any contract under the condition of FAST TRANSPORT POLICY is just valid after written signature of fast transport manager.

Based on needs and situation, Fast Transport Company has the right to bring changes into mentioned rules which before the contract will be announced to the customer.

According to the mentioned rules, a customer is a person or company with whom the contract is sated.

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  1. The person who receives the good has no authority to change or reject the contract.
  2. Customer should share goods information in details with the fast transport company before they contract.
  3. As long as one of the managers of fast transport does not accept the customer’s offer, any contract is invalid.
  4. Based on the customer’s request and both sides’ satisfaction, the content text of the contract can be changed.
  5. Any contract between FAST TRANSPORT company and customer, without the signature of one of the managers of the fast transport company, is invalid
  6. Fast Transport Company does not take any responsibility after the goods delivered. And customer have to pay their expenses at the specific time.
  7. Customers should not share any document or contract of this company with a third party person.
  8. Before changing or cancelation to the order, the customer must inform us. So that we could set our schedule. In case of without informing, any changes or cancelation by the customer would not be accepted because it will disturb our working schedule, and the customer would be responsible for any expenses coming to the company due to without awareness. Except in cases where a written agreement has been reached between.
  9. Customer should clear their expenses until 14 days after goods delivered.
  10. After agreement to the contract, the customer cannot refuse to pay the expenses by increasing their claims.
  11. In case of any delay to the transportation payment, the customer is obliged to pay 2 to 10 percent of all expenses as a fine.
  12. The customer is responsible to pay the tax of his consignment. In case of any delay in the payment, any losses would be up to the customer and the Fast transport company is not responsible for that.
  13. Customers should assure the company about the shipping packaging of their goods.
  14. The customer is obliged to follow all the environmental rules regard to consignment and its shipment.
  15. Customers should share the information about the type of cargo in detail with the fast transport company right before they start the transportation process.
  16. In case of recognition of any goods which are dangerous, explosive, flammable, and harmful to the environment which are against transport rules. Fast transport has the authority to suspend the process of transportation and the customer must pay all the expenses coming to this company.